Oh My Gado... it's wheely good!

Oh My Gado... it's wheely good!

Oh My Gado... it's wheely good!Oh My Gado... it's wheely good!

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About Us


A Canadian (hubby) and Dutch-Indonesian (wife) mixed their culinary backgrounds together in a unique flavour combination Can-Donesian food! Yolande graduated at Rouxbe, a Forks Over Knives vegan cooking course (however their menu offers vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes as well). The Indonesian part is based on family history (Yolande learned the skills from her Indonesian mom). So what is Can-Donesian? Think of a Canadian poutine; hand cut Kennebec fries with chunks of grilled chicken, home made (spicy) satay sauce made with maple syrup, real cheddar cheese curd, crispy fried onions and peanuts. Absolutely amazing! Or "u gado try" their Nasi Goreng, fried rice with farm fresh vegetables, Ketjap (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) and sambal, with a fried egg on top. Oh my (Gado)!

U Gado Know!

Oh My Gado Food Truck only use farm fresh vegetables. All dishes are homemade! 

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Please ask for full menu , as we add more menu items.

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